Basic Terms in Kidswear Development

BOM? MOQ? HSP? AOP? What?! If fashion lingo is a foreign language to you, here are ten of the most common fashion acronyms. Navigating the intricacies of the fashion industry involves understanding a plethora of terms and acronyms, each holding significance in the design and production process. From minimum order quantities to points of measures, mastering these terms is essential for effective communication and successful collaboration within the industry.

Some of the basic terms...

MOQ - Minimum Order Quantity: MOQ, or minimum order quantity, signifies the lowest quantity of a product that a customer must order for a business to fulfill the request. This metric is crucial for both designers and manufacturers to plan production runs and manage inventory effectively.


BOM - Bill of Materials: The BOM, found within the tech pack, meticulously lists every material required for the production of a specific garment. From fabrics and trims to buttons and zippers, the BOM ensures accurate sourcing and production, facilitating a streamlined manufacturing process.


HSP - High Shoulder Point: HSP refers to the center front length measured from the highest point on the shoulders to the bottom hem. This measurement serves as a pivotal reference point for garment construction, ensuring proper fit and alignment.


AOP - All Over Print: AOP denotes a fabric printed in repeat, covering the entire surface, in contrast to a placement print, which occupies a specific area of the garment. Understanding AOP versus placement print is essential for achieving desired design outcomes and visual aesthetics.


GSM - Grams per Square Meter: GSM represents the weight of fabric in grams per square meter. This metric offers insights into fabric thickness and durability, guiding fabric selection for various garment types and applications.


CMT - Cut, Make, and Trim: CMT manufacturers handle fabric cutting, garment assembly, and trimming according to client specifications. While clients provide designs and raw materials, CMT manufacturers may offer additional services such as hangers and packaging.


FPP - Full Package Production: FPP encompasses comprehensive garment production services, including design, pattern creation, fabric sourcing, and manufacturing. Opting for FPP streamlines the production process, offering a one-stop solution for designers and brands.


CAD - Computer-Aided Design: CAD facilitates digital fashion sketches, garment design, and artwork creation, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the design process. CADs, often referred to as flat sketches, are indispensable tools for visualizing garment designs.


DTM - Dyed to Match: DTM refers to items, such as trims, dyed to match the color of the fabric used in garments. This ensures color consistency throughout the garment, meeting aesthetic standards and buyer preferences.


POM - Points of Measures: POM delineates specific measurement points for garments within the specification sheet. Clear and standardized descriptions of POMs are vital for effective communication among technical, production, and factory teams.

In conclusion, as aspiring moms venturing into the world of baby and kidswear brands, understanding these key acronyms is like unlocking the secret code to your dream business. From knowing the MOQ to mastering the nuances of CAD, each acronym holds the key to streamlining your design process and bringing your creative visions to life. By embracing continual learning and familiarizing yourselves with industry terminology like BOM and GSM, you empower yourself to navigate the complexities of garment production with confidence and precision.

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